Seller Commissions Schedule

Commission Information


1. At handicraft, there are no listing fee and no hidden charges.

The commission fee will be charged to Seller once Buyers receive the orders.


2. When ‘Order Received’ is updated in our handicraft system, the commission fee will be calculated automatically from the unit price you set for each product based on product category/subcategory.

3. Payments cycle is on a bi-weekly basis. The cut-off day is from Monday to Sunday. Payment will be processed on the following Friday.

4. Pay-out date will range from

Cycle A: 1st to 14th

Cycle B: 15th to end of each individual month.

5. Seller will receive payment within 5 working days after each pay-out date cycle.

6. The payment will be credited directly into provided seller bank account within time-frame given above.

For further details or enquiries, kindly contact [email protected]


handicraft Commission Calculation


Listed unit price X Commission rate for specified category = handicraft Commission Fees


Note: The commission fees are subjected to GST rate which is 6% in India currently