General Information

After deciding to list your products on handicraft, upon providing nesessary information and documentation to us, each Seller will be subjected to the Seller Agreement. This agreement is applicable to any party that has entered into a Marketplace Contract with handicraft for the use of the Services, the Website at, the handicraft Seller Center, or any other Internet domain property or mobile app owned or operated by handicraft and/or other tools employed by handicraft to communicate with Buyers or Sellers, for the purpose of transacting.

The Seller Center is each Seller's primary contact point to communicate with handicraft, where we also provide all round support for our Sellers to run their businesses successfully. 



handicraft and Seller agree to the supply of the Services by handicraft to Seller, such Services to be carried out in compliance with the signed Marketplace Contract and all terms and any conditions that are attached as appendices as are in force from time to time (collectively, referred to as "Seller Agreement").


Governing Law

Law governing the Seller Agreement shall be the law of India.


Personal Data

Seller authorizes handicraft to store, transfer, use and otherwise process in India or abroad personal information provided to handicraft pertaining to Seller's directors, employees, agents and consultants, for the purpose of the execution of the Seller Agreement. 


Seller Agreement

All Parties have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Seller Agreement which will contain the following documents, which will be updated whenever necessary.

-Appendix (i)    : Marketplace Contract

-Appendix (ii)   : Commission Schedule and Calculation Method

-Appendix (iii)  : Shipping and Delivery

-Appendix (iv)  : Privacy Policy

-Appendix (v)   : Prohibited Items List

-Appendix (vi)  : Returns and Refunds Policy

-Appendix (vii) : Warranty Information


handicraft reserves the right to change, at any time and in its sole discretion, any of the terms and conditions contained in this Marketplace Contract, the Appendices, and any fees, procedures, schedules or policies governing the Services, the Platform or Seller Center. These changes will take effect immediately with or without notification to Seller by posting on the Platform, Seller Center or any form of written communication or otherwise. Changes to Policies may be posted without notice. Seller is responsible for reviewing notices and Policies regularly. Seller's continued use of the Services, the Platform and/or Seller Center following the changes taking effect will constitute the Seller's acceptance of such changes and if Seller does not agree to any changes to these Terms or to the Policies, Seller must discontinue the use of the Services, the Platform and Seller Center) and the Seller Agreement will be terminated. Seller will be needed to inform handicraft in writing if such a termination is taking place. For the avoidance of doubt, newer versions of this Marketplace Contract and Appendices supersede older versions.


Use of the Services, the Platform and Seller Center is limited to parties that have entered into and formed contracts under applicable law. Seller represents and warrants that:

(i)              It is, and will remain at all times, a business duly organized and registered with existing validity and in good standing under the laws of India.

(ii)             It has all requisite right, power and authority to enter into the Seller Agreement and perform its obligations as stated in this Marketplace Contract.


Any information provided or made available to handicraft or its Affiliates/Associates/Partners is, and shall remain at all times, accurate, up to date and complete. 

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